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Sod and Grass Installation ...

We offer a variety of very manageable, maintainable grass and sod. We purchase our grass and sod from highly reputable sod farms. This is a very important step in having a healthy, beautiful lawn. When we install new grass or sod there are certain steps that play an important role in having a high quality, long lasting, appealing lawn.

We treat the old vegetation with the proper chemicals to get rid of all unwanted weeds. We sod cut and remove old vegetation, put a treatment down to get rid of bugs and pests, level the yard, and ensure the new grass will have 100% irrigation coverage.

St Augustine Grasses

St Augustine GrassesSt. Augustine Grasses come in full sun strands as well as shade tolerant strands. St Augustine Floratan is the most commonly used full sun strand of St. Augustine. When maintained properly Floratan is one of the most appealing lawns. We also offer Bitterblue and Seville which is another strand of St. Augustine meant for more shaded areas. The overall look is the same however there is a slight difference in blade width and the growth rate.


Zoysia Grasses

Zoysia GrassZoysia Grasses are grown successfully in our region. Zoysia makes a beautiful lawn with a fine to medium textured leaf. Zoysia establishes a dense thick turf that crowds out weeds after mowing several times. It has a high traffic tolerance and there are also many strands of Zoysia grasses. The most popular and resilient strand in Florida is Zoysia Empire. The advantages of Zoysia Empire are dark green color, needs less water, chinch bug resistant, softer texture, and more durable. In the winter months Zoysia tends to get golden-brown, however in the spring comes back very resilient year after year.

Bahia Grasses

Bahia GrassBahia Grasses are highly disease and insect resistant. Survive in a variety of soils from sandy to clays. Grow well on infertile, dry soils. Withstand close grazing and traffic wear. Grow thick enough to compete with weeds. With proper care & fertilizer, Bahia creates a beautiful light green lawn. Responds well to nitrogen applications - creating darker green color. The purchase price of Bahia is less than other Florida grass strands.


Please contact us if you're not sure which to choose, or if you have any questions, there is no cost for a free consultation.